Windswept Farm Leonbergers

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About Leonbergers

Leonbergers are a large breed of dog established in Leonberg, Germany, in 1846.  They have characteristic black masks on their faces and a thick reddish-brown coat. The males can get up to 31 inches tall and 170 lbs, and the females can get up to 29  inches and 130 lbs. They're extremely friendly, affectionate, and highly intelligent. 

They're especially known for their loyalty and love for their families. 

You really have to meet a Leo to appreciate their sweet, affectionate temperament. They have so much personality and character. It is not enough to be next to you, they have to lean on you. Leos make excellent family dogs because they have a special affinity for children. They are also perfect for use as therapy dogs because of their intelligence and sweet temperament.

An excellent reference book about Leos is "Leonbergers" by The book can also be found on